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One, two, three… Tartabella!


From the crystal clear sea of Sardinia, Tartabella has arrived!

Hello kids, I am Tartabella, a high-spirited friendly turtle. I have seen the seas of the whole world with mum turtle and dad turtle… but none were as beautiful as those in Sardinia! Only here in the Gulf of Asinara you can see so many shades of blue in a fantastic setting and a sea which almost touches the clouds.

She loves playing on the beach and splashing in the pool!

Mum turtle and dad turtle know how much I love being on the soft sand and diving into the pool with my new friends! That’s why they sent me to the Club Hotel Ancora where you can have plenty of fun, a very safe beach and a swimming pool with sea view!


She is sweet, proud and romantic like a rose!

I really love singing and dancing outdoors on a warm summer evening when the sky is like a velvet curtain and the stars are like diamonds. I know that I’m so romantic! But the shows and the activities in the magical realm of the Club Hotel Ancora are really unique… and I cannot wait to share them with you!

All our facilities have been designed for your family

Play area
Large garden
Educational games
Baby food and kids menu
Entertainment for children 4 to 12
On the beach and in the hotel from June to September
Evening shows in the hotel for children 4 to 12
From June to September
Nutella party on the beach
Meals with the entertainers
Baby facilities in the room
Baby facilities in the restaurant