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There is one thing you need to know: our goal is to amaze you with our food! With dishes prepared with locally-sourced ingredients according to traditional recipes and served as a spectacular buffet, to be savoured in our elegant restaurant or on the terrace surrounded by the park. With the delicious aromas of our barbecues in the summer evenings. With healthy and tasty dishes for children, but also dishes for those with food intolerances or coeliacs. Let us know if you have any special needs, we want everyone to enjoy their food!


Let’s have breakfast!

Start your day the way you want, do you prefer a sweet or savoury breakfast? We are going to whet your appetite with an extensive served buffet of delicious products freshly baked by our talented pastry chef, seasonal fruit, but also cold cuts, cheeses and a wide range of eggs and waffles cooked on the spot. Are we already making your mouth water thinking of breakfast?

What would you like for lunch?

Home-made pasta, fresh fish, locally produced meat or cheese that we source from a small local producer? Or maybe you would like to taste one of our freshly baked pizzas? A huge choice of delicious dishes await you every day for lunch: here you will find a served buffet of main courses, pasta, cooked and raw vegetables… and of course the desserts from our patisserie, real delicacies that you really need to try!


A magical dinner!

The food sizzles on the grill spreading the succulent aromas of meat and fish in the warm evening while you relax on the terrace sipping a glass of Cannonau. Summer would not be a real summer without a barbecue beneath the stars with lots of chatter, the laughter of children and the music from the piano bar. If instead you prefer the served buffet, you will find an extensive choice of appetisers, main courses, vegetables and desserts.

Children… it is dinner time!

Simplicity and authenticity are the key words of our tasty kids menu dedicated to our little guests. Well-balanced and delicious dishes which children can eat at the table with the entertainers.

For young children, the chefs can prepare baby food and broths on request but also fresh fruit juices for a sweet drink after a nap!


The Sardinian night: a special event reserved for you!

Anyone can offer you a simple theme night. So, we decided to organise for you a real festival dedicated to the artisan and culinary tradition of Sardinia!

To start, try the menu based on cheese and salami, culurgiones, suckling pig, lamb, Sardinian sausage, seadas. But there will also be tastings of nougat, cheeses, jams, locally produced honey, tasty souvenirs which you can also take home with you.

First step: eat with your eyes. Second step: sit at the table in our garden.