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Entertainment in the hotel is like ice cream on top of a hot apple pie: it adds a lot of flavour and makes your day better! Don’t take our words for granted, just believe our little curious guests of 4 years and older, who from June to September have fun from morning to night, discovering always new exciting games.


10am-12pm: start your day with a smile… with our entertainers!

“It is finally beach time! This morning they are having group dances by the pool but I want to play games and tournaments together with my new friends. So, while I am having fun, mum can relax taking water aerobic lessons and dad can take part in the beach volleyball tournament. And then at lunchtime, I can eat with the entertainers for a lunch full of laughter.

4pm-6.30pm long afternoons spent playing games.

Nutella Party on the beach or a diving competition in the swimming pool? I choose… both! See, the pool is right on the beach. There is nothing better than being able to have a nice swim in the pool and then get your fill of Nutella at a very special party, just like the ones they have in the films. My schoolmates won’t believe me when I tell them about it!


9pm-11pm: sparkling fun beneath the stars.

So much fun having dinner with the entertainers! The day is not over yet: it is time for the baby dance and then we can watch amusing cabaret acts in the theatre or play group games. Tomorrow night, instead, I am going to go with my mum and dad to visit Stintino: we are going to use the shuttle service, so we don’t have to worry about anything and can stay close to each other and walk hand in hand.


Mum and dad, we haven’t left you out!

It is true that children are our special guests but we also offer plenty of activities for mothers and fathers: a morning workout, water aerobics, group dances and a varied program of excursions for a very active holiday; piano bar, typical Sardinian evenings and sangria parties on the terrace for romantic evenings and fun parties.

Fun is a serious business for us!