It is the most famous Romanesque church in Sardinia. It is located at about 16 km from Sassari, in the municipality of Codrongianus; it is built in dark basalt blocks alternated to blocks of white limestone.The façade presents two orders of arches with stone and ceramic decorations while the belfry, 40 metres high, beautifully adds to a well-balanced architectural complex. The church was built in 1116 on the ruins of a small monastery of Camaldolese monks, then it became one of the most famous Camaldolese monks' abbeys until the beginning of XV century; later on it was entrusted to a commendatory abbot.

Curiosity: from a cow's prayers.

About the origin of the name Saccargia several legends have been handed down. The strangest one concerns a white and black cow that every day moved from its pasture to offer its milk to the monks of a monastery, kneeling as if in prayer. The church was built right on the spot where the cow used to pray. Whence the expression "sa acca argia" meaning "the spot-coated" cow. That's probably why a cow's figure is carved in the capitals of the upper gallery!